Little Ms. MGB-GT



Still some of the best lines ever conceived.



5 Responses to “Little Ms. MGB-GT”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Are we talking about the car or ……..the bird?

  2. gaycarboys Says:

    I remember driving these as new cars. At least the coupes didn’t have the awful problem of trying to put the roof up quickly. My favourite car is still the Jag XJ MKIII

  3. Mark David Bell Says:

    Ah, yes……sports cars and girls…..two examples of the best idea God ever had! I’ve spent my life, perhaps mis-spent but enjoyed to the hilt!, in pursuit of both!

  4. Michael Scott Says:

    The car’s not bad too.

  5. Michael Scott Says:

    The MGCGTS was the finest evolution of the MG’s. Just wish they had gone into production. I currently own a GTS and get looks everywhere it goes.

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