Fuelfed Now Offers Brad Penn Motor Oil for Vintage Vehicles



We’ve been busy at the Fuelfed Garage inking a deal with Brad Penn oil for us to be a Chicagoland dealer.

Why Brad Penn? We’ve been using it for 16 years in our race cars and daily classics. We feel it out-performs the more heavily marketed brands. If you drive an air-cooled or manually adjusted valve train vehicle or motorcycle, you need zinc and phosphorus in the oil to protect against cam wear. The EPA has banned their use in consumer oil since 2003 because it will (in theory) ruin modern catalysts and O2 sensors.

With out going into a chemistry lesson, Brad Penn is mined in PA, OH & NY and refined in Bradford, PA from #9 cut USA crude oil. Hence the green color with natural zinc & phos. We like the fact that Brad Penn is 100% American made. Amsoil, Motul etc. use #5 cut crude from non-American sources and add esters in the distillation process to make up the difference.

Yes there are zinc additives that you can put into your oil, but you need the exact balance of 1550 parts per million (ppm) of zinc and 1350 ppm of phosphorus. Adding your own is like adding hops to your Miller Lite and calling it a craft beer. You can also risk sludging with the wrong measurements.

Read more here http://www.penngrade1.com/

Currently you can get Brad Penn at very limited locations, select Porsche repair facilities if you request it, or online. Add shipping and it’s very expensive. Most resellers are sitting on stock they purchased last summer when oil was at $79 per barrel. Today, oil is at $107 and going up. So don’t be deceived with out-dated pricing if you shop Brad Penn online.

Currently Fuelfed is offering Brad Penn 20w50 Synthetic Blend (sorry we are stocking only 20w50 for now) at $75 for a case of 12 quarts, tax included. If you’re on the North Shore or buy 5 or cases we can deliver with in the metro Chicago area.

We’re working on an eCommerce site to order online but until that’s up, we’ll take PayPal.

Contact us here with your inquiries.




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