A “Guy” and His Jag



We are blessed to have a real Fuelfed enthusiast of the lofty automotive stature of Bo Danenberger share a piece of his history with our community. Please note that the photos in this post were shot by Bo in 1957 with a color SLR and not developed until 2012. Incredible.


“I met Guy Carlton in the early ‘50’s. He had this beautiful 1953 Jaguar XK 120 roadster……..wonderful gray paint with dazzling red leather. Guy was a car guy. His drivers were always neat cars…..his collector pieces even neater. I was at Guy’s house every Sunday in the summer that I could be there. He would be there polishing and cleaning every little nook and cranny. I’ll never forget the day he said “take her for a spin!”



I didn’t back down but the drive lasted about 10 blocks and I turned around and went back way too soon.  I was scared to death that something would happen. In 1958 Guy decided he’d fancy an Alfa Romeo spyder. I was in college and he offered it to me for $1800.00 which was too rich for my blood. I did however get to go with him to pickup up the Alfa at Fox Valley imports in Aurora, Illinois.



Guy and his wife Edith went to Elkhart Lake from the very beginning when it ran through the town with their Jag and later the Alfa and often toured the country in their Jaguar and Alfa at a time when it took some real moxy to take off in a car that most likely no one could repair if they had a problem.  I’m sure everyone has similar memories of the pioneers of this great hobby……..chime right in!”

Bo Danenberger, Danvers, Illinois for enjoyment of Fuelfed and Coffee & Classics fans.


We’d bet that all of us got our start as car junkies from that evil pusher with the cool car down the block in our formative years just as Bo did.

We can’t even begin to touch the surface of some the cool car cred that Bo and his sons have earned. But here’s a small sampling.





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