Fuelfed Modern European Membership




Modern European Membership is for European vehicles 1990 and newer.

Showing your modern European car at events like The OPENs and Spontaneous Combustions does not require a parking pass.

Coffee & Classics has always focused on classics, and due to space constraints European Classics will continue to have priority parking passes for this event. However, we recognize that Moderns would also like to show; the challenge is how to allow it without taking a classic’s space. On an as-space-allows basis, the club will admit Moderns into a mixed Modern & Classic parking area inside the entrance and south of Elm on Lincoln. Moderns will need to show their membership cards at the entrance for admittance.

All applications are reviewed by the membership steering committee. Once approved, you will be emailed a payment link for $35.

Please visit the Membership FAQ to help answer any questions.
Please note that information entered into the form below is confidential and secure, and will not be shared, sold or used for any other purpose than for Fuelfed communications with the applicant.

Modern European Car(s)

Did You Purchase a Day Pass at Coffee & Classics?

Club Activity Interests

General Car Interests



REFUND POLICY: Cancelled Club memberships may be eligible for prorated refunds if cancelled not more than fifteen (15) days after initial purchase. A processing fee of $8.00 in addition to the cost of mailed membership items will be deducted from the original payment amount. To receive a prorated refund, members must return their membership cards and parking passes along with a written refund request to:

Fuelfed, Inc. Attn: Membership Refund 5225 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 201 Chicago, IL  60640

One Response to “Fuelfed Modern European Membership”

  1. Carson Greene Says:

    Loved the show last Sunday. See you at the Ferrari Fuel Fed event.

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