First Annual Fuelfed Cocktails & Classics




With Coffee & Classics growing tremendously in just 1.5 years and the great people we’ve met along the way, it’s only fitting that we had a private winter gathering to help keep the gears oiled. Only this time no one was allowed to drive a classic to the event.



The restored billboard factory space doubled as the unique event space and an impressive car gallery — a car gallery that we must say revels Coffee & Classics with its varied portfolio of historic European & American classics.



For three hours on February 22nd, 68 Fuelfed members were treated to cocktails, pizza and some very tasty classics. Fuelfed driver Joe H. opened up his collection gallery for us to admire and ask questions. Enthusiasts came from as far as 90 miles to mingle with others drivers and start what we hope will be an annual mid-winter event.

Whether you’re a driver, collector or just a big car fan this was your chance to surround yourself with great cars and great conversation all in a great space.


Joe’s collection is one of the top collections in Chicagoland, and these classics don’t just sit there and look pretty. Joe drives his Gullwings, RSRs and 265 GTBs. In fact, Joe brought his white RSR on The Final Drive in 2009 and regularly spends time hot lapping around the Autobahn Country Club. Though our favorite time was back in 2004, when Joe drove his 1957 Ferrari 250 Spyder up to Road America. The top was down the whole 3 hour drive up, spent the day at the races, places at the Siebkens concours (with the car dusty) and then drives home with top down and trophy in the passenger seat for the 3 hour drive back. No trailer queen pansy cars for Joe.

We believe everyone had a great time and a very very big thank you to Catalyst Communications for the great branding and signage and to Joe for making Cocktails & Classics…well, a classic.


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2 Responses to “First Annual Fuelfed Cocktails & Classics”

  1. fuelfed sister Says:

    What a great event hosted by Fuelfed & Joe! It was great to mingle with car enthusiasts, and look at classic cars. I’m looking forward to the next event…The kickoff of Coffee & Classics in the Spring.

  2. Kabinenroller Says:

    We had a fantastic time at the event. THANK YOU BRAIN & JOE!!!
    The venue and car/ bike collection was first class.
    Same time next year???

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