FFotW: 1978 Mini Cooper $5500

Here you go. Something we don’t see everyday here in the midwest. A real Mini, as in Cooper. Oddly, the pastel blue and semi basketweaves work well with the car design. The car is located in West Park (Cleveland), Ohio.
We’re not up on Mini prices but seems to be very tempting at $5500.
The seller states:
1978 Austin Mini (Classic Mini Cooper style body). 998cc 4-cyl A+ engine, 4 speed manual, right-hand drive steering wheel. Odometer reads a little over 57000, though likely not original miles – rebuilt engine installed in shell before export from the UK. Clean tiltle ready for transfer. Engine estimated to have originated from a 1991 Austin. Clean and very solid body. Robins egg blue exterior. Interior Gray cloth seats with blue pattern. Good new-ish Yokohama tires on 13″ alloy wheels (believed to be from MG in origin).
See the Craigslist Ad here.  Posted 2.21.2012
Or email him directly here. u4wam-2836242644@sale.craigslist.org
Click to enlarge:


2 Responses to “FFotW: 1978 Mini Cooper $5500”

  1. Rob pracht Says:

    Is this car still available?

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