Sweet Automobile Photography





While enjoying a visit to one of our favorite carguy sites, Bring A Trailer, we noticed a particularly well-executed photo of a VW Rabbit for sale:



Further investigation took us to Motion Blur Photo where an awfully tasty gallery of automobile photos resides with heavy emphasis on German metal. A trip to Motion Blur is highly recommended. Kris Clewell, the photographer, has a great eye, obviously loves cars, and apparently is as comfortable at the track as he is in the studio.

Also, if you’ve been missing out on Bring A Trailer, it’s your loss. We eagerly await their daily email with the latest in vintage cars and motorcycles of all shapes and sizes.




3 Responses to “Sweet Automobile Photography”

  1. gaycarboys Says:

    The 2002 brought back memories. A friend from school got one after graduation and it served him well for several years.I shall indeed go to motin blur. thanks:)

  2. Peter Bowyer Says:

    Sweet Automobile Photography

  3. kris clewell Says:

    well, neat! thanks! 🙂 I appreciate the compliments…


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