911 Targas Can Be Raced, So Says the Graywolf



Last week I was at the Chicago & Main news stand in Evanston thumbing through some British Porsche magazines. I came across a familiar Fuelfed name and car in an article about 911 Targas in racing. Yes it was the Graywolf, built and driven our friend Curt E. Curt is a complete gear head and leader in the 911 R-Gruppe as well very well known in the rally scene.



We first met Curt at Cars & Coffee (not to be confused with our Coffee & Classics) in Lake Mills, WI back in June of 2010. I was an immediate fan of his pose of early 911 hotrods from Saginaw, MI, who in fact drove 1200 miles that weekend just for fun. Curt’s Graywolf had the first fiberglass targa top I’d seen. I was curious if it added any stiffening to the chassis as my 964 Targa would be pounding Road America the next day.



Curt was eager to share all things 911 and told us the story of his hunt for the Graywolf and it’s long build out. We now meet up with Curt and six or seven R-Gruppe members at Road America during the Historics in July each year. We’re glad to see Curt got the notoriety he deserves. As for  911 targas for racing, the 964 has since morphed into black 3.2 Carrera… coupe.




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