Frequently Asked Questions About Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fuelfed different from other clubs? Fuelfed is a mixed marque club. Many of us belong to single marque clubs, too, but our members enjoy the diversity of Fuelfed participants and share that common mindset of driving. We’re focused on driving and camaraderie. Our events are geared toward driving, touring and the passion of the motoring lifestyle. We don’t have club meetings; we have driving events. We strive to do things better than typical single marque car clubs. Because of all these things, we attract a different sort of person. It’s our members that make us different.

Who is eligible to be a member? All drivers are welcome, but the main focus will always be those who drive European cars, and Coffee & Classics will continue to focus on classic European cars. You don’t have to own a classic European car, just appreciate and want to support our motoring lifestyle.

Will there be a fee for attending Coffee & Classics? There will not be a fee to attend C&C; however, parking will be restricted to Fuelfed members only on Elm and on Lincoln north of Elm. There will be a section of Lincoln south of Elm for new nonmembers who will be given a day pass so that we can continue to welcome new drivers. There is no fee to attend as a spectator.

What if I didn’t receive my member pass for Coffee & Classics yet? We realize the use of member parking passes for C&C will take some adjustment and that we’ll need to be flexible as membership and this new system rolls out. We’ll do our best to be fair and accommodating, and we ask for your patience in advance as we work out the bugs.

If I’m one of the Fuelfed Founders Group 100 (FFG100), do I need to pay for 2014 membership? If you were a Platinum FFG100 member ($500 contributor), your 2014 membership was included. All others need to pay the $35 dues. All FFG 100 members secured low membership pin numbers.

Can I still come to Coffee & Classics and be on the email list for events if I don’t become a paid member? Parking admittance to Coffee & Classics for your vintage European car and invitations to our events are part of your annual $35 membership. While we will have some day pass spaces for non-member drivers, these are not intended for repeat drivers. Spectator are always welcome at Coffee & Classics if you are not a paid member.

Why isn’t Fuelfed a 501(c)3 nonprofit? The legal and accounting costs to set up and maintain a 501(c)3 nonprofit made it cost-prohibitive. We plan to add a nonprofit component at a later date. We have a focused vision and voice for Fuelfed which we want to maintain.

Why do you have to do anything different? Let’s just keep everything as is. The events, especially Coffee & Classics, require funds to organize and execute. And, the majority of the expenses are paid before car season starts. Coffee & Classics, and all the venues, are now requesting proper insurance and permits. The parking passes will help ensure that paid members who value what the club does have priority.

Why don’t you include more American or Japanese cars? We appreciate, enjoy and own American and Japanese cars, but our passion is driving European cars. There are several other clubs and events for American and Japanese enthusiasts. Our members have a clear preference for maintaining our current focus. We aren’t trying to be the biggest club.

Please email us with questions.


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