Winter 1985



I remember watching super bowl 19 on that icey-cold winter afternoon in Madison, WI. My fraternity brothers and I were on our second keg of Old Milwaukee and eighth Domino’s pizza. Most of them could give a crap about cars and probably still don’t, but when this commercial came on, we all paid attention. You see, we had abandoned my 1967 VW Beetle out on frozen lake Mendota the just 12 hours earlier. Late night drunken donuts had put it in to snow drift 6 feet tall and it wouldn’t let go, so we decided gyros would be more fun than digging.

I did manage to dig it myself the following Thursday. I miss the irresponsibilities of the 1980’s.




One Response to “Winter 1985”

  1. onestickatatime Says:

    Lots of fun to follow your site Brian! How do you get so many pics on one page? E

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