Final Fuelfed Coffee & Classics for 2011



We can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Six Coffee & Classics already, and the season is now winding down for us here in the rust belt. But the smell of burning leaves and the warmth of Indian summer sun is still upon us.

This Sunday morning, starting at 9:00am, (though many arrive earlier) the Fuelfed fraternity of classic car enthusiasts will gather at Lincoln and Elm in Winnetka for one more automotive convivial for 2011.

Catalyst Communications has once again, done another great design job. This time with the Enthusiast Posters. They’re printed on archival 120# paper and ready for a deserving of a space in the man cave or dressing up the garage wall. The Enthusiast Posters are a Fuelfed tribute to those who help keep classic motoring alive on the North Shore of Chicago. Chances are if you attended Coffee & Classics, your car is in the poster.

The posters will be available at a table outside of Café Aroma. Make sure to also pick up your 2012 C&C event magnet and Fuelfed window decal.

And by request, this year’s Triumph and last year’s Porsche posters will also be available.


Thank you to all that participated this year and we look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday morning.





One Response to “Final Fuelfed Coffee & Classics for 2011”

  1. geos2002 Says:

    I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to make it on Sunday. My 2002 is on the poster, any other way to get one?


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