My Ghibli Trumps Your 911S



Chris R. in Hamburg, Germany sent us this interesting vintage card game called Quarterette. Most of us growing up in the US have never heard of Quarterette or it’s concept.

Chris writes: “Quaterette was very popular in Germany and other European Countrys especially in the ’60s-’80s (before the Gameboy took over…). The rules are simple: 2 or more boys, each with a set of cards. You’re calling the best data on your first card, like “300 PS (hp)” and the other guy has to answer it, for example, only “250 PS (hp)”. You win, you get the card, next turn… until the poor loser has only one last card … BUT it’s the nearly unbeatable Ferrari 365 GTB!… There are thousands  of different games, with cars, planes, ships and so on. Today it’s a collectors thing! Some are very rare. And yes, there are some Porsche Quartetts…”

If GM had the vision back in their hey-day to come out with a similar concept, I probably wouldn’t  have cannibalized my father’s Road & Tracks and lusted after smaller European coupes.

Regardless, my baseball cards usually ended up on my bike wheels held in position with clothes pins. Unfortunately the sound never out-weighed the cards’ value and I do lament using my Ron Santo and Willie Mays.

Check out Chris’s blog that has 100’s of vintage Quarette cards that he’s collected.






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