More is Better or Death on Wheels?


We all know 24v engines, but what about a v24? 24 pistons with 24 liters of displacement sounds more like NASA than automotive. But back in 1959 these guys wanted to push the envelope with the theory of “more is more”. In what appears to be a work in progress with some truck-like guibo prop shaft that hasn’t been worked to mate up the two live axels yet. Safety considerations were made with the boxed frame rails and dual roll bars. More importantly, we like the flame thrower exhaust pointing at the fuel tanks.

Bang and we’re off!




2 Responses to “More is Better or Death on Wheels?”

  1. Brian Madigan Says:

    I think they had a chain driving the lower drive shaft from that big overdrive wheel up top. The rear of the engine is probably the reduction drive for a propeller. I can’t identify any of those components, but out back it looks like a tandem axle set from a big truck.

  2. Michael Scott Says:

    Looks like the roll bars protect the valued part of the machine, the engine.

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