FFotW: The Original Fuelfed Rabbit GTI



Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s the original Fuelfed Rabbit built by yours truly and DPS Motorwerks. This rabid Rabbit won its class in 1999 with MCSSC and was kicked out of the Chicago region PCA for embarrassing n/a 944s and 928s at Blackhawk Raceway the following year. This bad boy can be driven at 10/10ths all day and thank you for doing so.



Without going into too much detail, this is THE car that built the underdog Fuelfed reputation.

The car was sold to Don up in Madison, WI back in 2003 who has since cherished it as much as I did.



The short build list:

• Original rust free body.
• P&P& decked head. Port-matched Audi 5000 TB and P&P intake.
• 292 TT cam, TT cam gear, TT headers, 2.25″ TT exhaust.
• New injectors and shimmed fuel-dizzy.
• BSI coilovers, 375lb F & 325lb B springs.
• 16v clutch, LTW flywheel, short shift kit.
• Autotech hollow sway bars, Shine bar, strut braces front and rear.
• 16v brakes, 22mm master cylinder.
• A2 radiator.
• AutoPower cage, 5 point harnesses, Corbeau seat.
• LTW Euro bumpers.

A deal for a turn key race car at $3700. Don 608-279-4539.

View the CL here




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