Meadowdale Memories Available


Jim Jeffords Purple People Eater Corvette photo by Ron Nelson

If you’ve been around the Chicagoland racing community long enough, you’ve heard of Meadowdale International Raceway. Built in 1958 just north of Carpentersville, Meadowdale was a 3.3 mile track that lasted just 10 years and earned the reputation as a real driver’s track. It is now a hiking trail with most of the track and many of the race structures still evident. The Meadowdale International Raceway Preservation Association has a great website and a very robust Facebook pagefor more info.

Meadowdale photo by Ron Nelson

On Saturday, 17 September, a car show will be held at Meadowdale featuring driver Jim Jeffords and the Purple People Eater MkIII Corvette.

If you decide to go to Meadowdale, make sure you stop by to see Ron Nelson. Ron was photographing car races while many of us were still playing with our Hot Wheels. His website at Classic Motorsports features vintage photos from not only Meadowdale, but Road America, Indy and Watkins Glen among others. His eye is impeccable and he was there during many historic races of the 60’s and 70’s. Ron has a treasure trove of excellent race photos on his site and all are available for sale.

Road America photo by Ron Nelson

Check out the Meadowdale car show next week, and look up Ron Nelson while you’re there. Also, see his website for a great glimpse into the golden years of road racing. He’ll be glad to sell you a print and tell you a story.



2 Responses to “Meadowdale Memories Available”

  1. gaycarboys Says:

    I’m loving the Vette

  2. Ron Nelson Says:

    Todd: thanks for those very nice words. the web site is just so people can find it. Thanks Ron

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