Technology May Have Advanced, MPGs Have Not



In a world of eco this and green that, has modern technology really advanced fuel efficiency over aerodynamics and minimum weight? Emissions excluded, perhaps we can learn from our forefathers.





2 Responses to “Technology May Have Advanced, MPGs Have Not”

  1. bmadigan Says:

    not a whole lot. Maybe a few points here and there. The Diesel Golfs, which I would consider the most efficient in the group, are only 4mpg better than the Rabbit from 30 years ago. I bet a lot of that has to do with gearing too, as the new one has a six-speed with 2 overdrive gears. You can do about 70 at 1200 rpm in 6th.

    • The Driver Says:

      My 1983 turbo diesel Jetta (slightly tweeked of course) averages 48 mpg and has more torque than it’s GTI stable mate brother.
      Who needs a Prius that gets 19 mpg on the highway anyway…Oh yeah Brad Pitt does.

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