August 2011 Coffee & Classics Recap



The August Coffee & Classics had some stiff competition from the other great events happening at the same time. The Master Piece in Milwaukee and the Geneva Concours out by the Fox River drew attention from the loyal 356 Club, as well as regional PCA and Mercedes chapters. As they should, they are both great shows. Master Piece being the more approachable event with out the cheesy display ropes and hordes of aimless pedestrians of Geneva, but pricey with the $15 entry fee. Despite this, C & C  had a great turn out of unique classics.

Each month we marvel at the pure variety of what drives in. And the drivers of these classics are quickly found conversing with other enthusiasts. Only natural, when you actually enjoy driving your classic as it was intended.

Again, two Citroen DS’s, one being new to C & C. A 1965 Gurney tuned Ford GT40 right hand drive grew a lot of inquiries.

Jim’s immaculate Land Rover Series and Alan’s 427 Cobra covered the performance spectrum. Finally met Wayne, the owner of the red Sting Ray.

And Bob, who availed our first Coffee & Classics a year ago with his stunning resto-mod Camaro SS. But the biggest force was the brace of BMW 2002’s. All of them painted some variation of silver. Less we forget David’s Neue Klass 2000 and Martin’s TII touring.

An early 60’s Caterham and late model Austin Healey 3000 looked great next to each other.

Even Bernie showed up with his 356 cabby.

Jaguar would be proud of the three E-Types and our first Mark II present.

Overall, it was an intimate event where we were fortunate to have a little more time to get to know drivers than we usually do.




One Response to “August 2011 Coffee & Classics Recap”

  1. Andy Daley Says:

    Great shots. Looks like I missed another good time! I’m hoping to be done with the mechanical restoration of a Citroën SM in time to make the last C&C of the year. cheers!

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