August 28th Coffee & Classics



This Sunday is the Fuelfed August Coffee & Classics from 9:00am to 11:00am.

With Coffee & Classics growing in popularity, we are now asking drivers with future classics (newer than 1990) to park south of Elm to leave parking for the veteran classics along the north side.

Also, at the request of the village, please do not park in the popular three spaces in front of D’s Haute Dogs.

For the new drivers, Fuelfed interior window stickers available in discrete black. Please find the guy with green hat and sunglasses or the brunette cutie wearing the red cap and we’ll give you some, if we don’t greet you first. Of course the popular Fuelfed magnets are available through this website. Just email us.

If you like, we have windshield display cards for drivers to fill out their cars vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. These cards will be available in front of Café Aroma for drivers to fill out. Or you can download cards from the web link here and print as many as you want.

Also sign up for the Fuelfed private member only email list.

See you this Sunday, August 28th.


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