July Coffee & Classics Recap



It was hot times in Winnetka for July’s Coffee & Classics…literally. The sweltering 98 degree sun didn’t seem to faze our Fuelfed fans though. Pleasingly, many of the drivers were new to C & C and were excited to see such a spread of European metal.

But first a big shout out to Curt C. and his 1956 Speedster who has not missed a single C & C since its inception. Curt drives in from Libertyville each month and you’ll notice there’s no top. Doesn’t matter if it’s 38 or 98 out, Curt’s driving topless.


We arrived early to find two Messerschmitts, Isetta and a Countach parked in front of Little Ricky’s and directly across Lincoln were two 1968 Datsun 2000’s, three 356s, an immaculate Jaguar XK140, and a unrestored Citroen DS nuzzled in for kicks. Where else are you going to find a mix like that driving down a public road in 2011? We have to admit that you truly never know what European car is going drive up next and that’s what makes Coffee & Classics a growing secret among Northshore enthusiasts.




The loyal 356 club arrived quickly, as did Wally, Sam, Ted and Alan. Then a second Citroen DS arrived with a black on black Ferrari 308GTS.



Alan and Tim arrived in a 427 Shelby Cobra and Jaguar E-Type respectively and for good measure a second blue 427 Cobra drove up to confuse everyone. And then the seas parted as Scott rolled-in in the 6 mpg Caddy “Yacht” convertible.


Patrick & Mimi arrived in American and German muscle. Unfortunately the 930 turbo snapped its gear selector clean off, forcing Mimi to use a tire iron to make it back home… we hope.



But the great assorted gathering had more than summer heat burning down. Our friends at the D’s Haute Dogs decided they don’t want any business and starting calling Winnetka’s finest for parking in front of their shop. Let’s see, it’s 10:00am, your restuarant doesn’t open until 11:30, you have 100+ local people enjoying themselves right front of your establishment, hey let’s call the police! Not once, but twice. Now that’s what we call brilliant public relations.


With two Alfa GTVs, a Lancia Fulvia, an Aston, a MGB-GT, a 380slc and a brace of 2002’s and many many other beautiful classics, how can you not have a great time mingling?

Thank you everyone for your continued support!




2 Responses to “July Coffee & Classics Recap”

  1. gaycarboys Says:

    There is not a single car there I wouldn’t love to take home with me. I have always been a fan of the DS in alll forms but the Chapron convertible would be my favourite. The caddy was a bit special too, it was a Caddy wasn’t it?

  2. gaycarboys Says:

    Oh and the Vette SWOON~

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