Auto Historica Recap



Saturday morning followed a brutal storm that lingered into the afternoon. A quick call to Lou and Alan confirmed the show was still on. We arrived at the Highland Park Historical Society to find the clouds parting and the temps raising to a sweltering 100 degrees.

Vintage racer and author; Burt Levy was there adding his usual vibrance. We quickly found Lou greeting everyone in front of the incredible wooden Hispano Suiza racer.



The Auto Historica is marketed as the little Pebble Beach. Not yet having had the privilege of making it out to Carmel, but judging by the several shows we attend each year, this little show is one of the most unique. With a focus on a good mix of exotic survivors over brassies or fifties dream cars like so many shows.



Auto Historica had several of the Coffee & Classics drivers attending and we spent a good coupe of hours chatting with everyone. Martin and his BMW 2000tii Touring were hand-picked by Lou from the April C&C to show at this years event.

Even the mysterious Turbine Car we’ve seen at Beil’s upholstery over the winter was there.



Lou and his crew of collectors know how to hand pick the right blend of cars and venue to make a very enjoyable and intimate show. A must see event for any enthusiast on the North Shore.





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