Jay Leno Cashes VW’s Check to Drive New Beetle


Jay Leno went to Wolfsburg to compare driving the first beetle with the latest Beetle. The video of his paid endorsement is presented here.

The only thing that VW has kept from the first beetle to this one is a faint glimmer of a body design. The first beetle was the basis of what has made Volkswagen the third largest auto company in the world: a car for the people. Whatever it is they are selling now has none of that DNA. It is too big, too costly, too poorly built and completely disposable.

I do wish I had Jay Leno’s gig though. I’d test drive a Yugo for the money he charges.


2 Responses to “Jay Leno Cashes VW’s Check to Drive New Beetle”

  1. gaycarboys Says:

    Love Jay!) thanks for the post

  2. bmadigan Says:

    VW’s are going more down that route every day. This is what happens when a company decides to be the ‘Biggest auto manufacturer in the world’ (in terms of sales figures). (see also General Motors)
    There’s a noticeable drop in quality from 10 years ago.

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