May 2011 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics




Hmmm…Memorial Day weekend & very ominous skies don’t make the most inviting scenario to drive your classic. But I must say, we had a great turn out if not in sheer numbers, but in the breadth of quality classics. Even Mitra left her post at Café Aroma to admire the rare assembly of metal and rubber.



From a Lancia Aurelia B20 to a Jaguar XK140, with a mix of everything in between, we had quite the variety. Lou brought his stunning Iso Grifo, and Ted from the Last Detail, a 1959 Buick cabby. The 356 crew of Alan, Curt and Jim were always good to see and are big supporters of Coffee & Classics. Even local real estate specialist Attica brought her 1929 Model A Ford. Sam and Todd were finally in the same place at the same time to swap restoration stories between Fulvia and 912. Alan and Tim in the E-Type Coupé. George finally got his seats in that morning in time to drive his green E-Type.


Some new faces with Patrick and his incredible 1968 Camaro SS Indy Pace Car and Jeff and his beautiful 914. I regretfully didn’t meet the owner of the stunningly immaculate Alfa GTV. And I apologize if didn’t mention everyone I did met.

The biggest highlight had to be Lorraine driving her dream classic; Alan’s black Porsche Speedster. Ok, I got to drive it as well. Alan, you’re very gracious.

By 10:45 the Frank and Lorraine had just finished filming their interviews (check back here in a few days to view them) just in time for everyone to depart before the skies opened up. And that they did.

Scott D. and the rest of us rode out the massive down-pour having great conversation over brunch at Little Rickies.


Below is a quick walk-through of just the east side of Lincoln before I ran out of battery.




80 Responses to “May 2011 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics”

  1. Ava Aston's Muckery Says:

    Coffee and classic cars….did I just die and go to heaven?

    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Fuelfed, I mean Freshly pressed.



  2. May 2011 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics | WPBlogger Says:

    […] Post from This entry was posted in Mr Wordy. Bookmark the permalink. ← Official: Facelifted Mazda2 with SkyActiv 1.3L revealed in Japan […]

  3. gullringstorpgoatgal Says:

    Hej from Sweden,

    Beautiful cars! My husband will just go crazy over this blog! I will make sure he sees it.
    We have cars and goats. Welcome to my blog:

  4. Mikalee Byerman Says:

    Beautiful! I recently wrote a feature story for a regional magazine about a 1936 Mercedes Benz that was owned at one time by the family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — love car history!



  5. wadingacross Says:

    Ah, beautiful cars, when car companies knew how to make beautiful cars, especially British sports cars.

  6. My Camera, My Friend Says:

    Amazing cars! Glad you had a good turnout for the event.

  7. Lindsay Says:

    The ominous skies actually made for some pretty cool photos!

  8. quartettblog Says:

    Great Cars! Especially the Yellow Iso Grifo, one of my favorites! If you’re interested in Vintage Cars on Vintage Trump Games, have look on my site (in german). Cheers, Chris

  9. djrbjslimm Says:

    Wow really nice pics of the classics man. Where there any Mustangs?

  10. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide Says:

    Wonderful photos! They just don’t make them like they used to. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  11. Calogero Mira Says:

    Thanks for the video and nice photos.

  12. beyondanomie Says:

    Some gorgeous machines there.

    The green e-type and white xk140 jags are standouts!

    Thanks for posting these pics.

  13. Elegant Woman Says:

    I’ve got to be honest, one thing I most def. loved about this post was the numerous shots of great classic cars!

  14. Jeff Slotnick Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of these classic cars.

  15. karolis7 Says:

    I am missing the mini Rovers (known as Mr Bean’s)

  16. notesfromrumbleycottage Says:

    There is nothing like seeing how cars have changed in design over the years, especially those sports cars. Congrats on being pressed!

  17. Eva McCane Says:

    great photos. i’d love one of those little beauties!

  18. ournote2self Says:

    Looks like you had a great memorial day weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Maria Says:

    Some beautiful autos there. Doesn’t look like the lack of sunshine hurt much and congrats on getting “Freshly Pressed!”

  20. Cy Quick Says:

    I see them, via Tv news stories, still being driven in Cuba or Burma and I fret a bit. Then I am heartened when I hear of collectors and/or museums (Beulieu UK or Petersen’s LA) giving a caring home to the cars of previous decades. Fine job!

  21. jeanofalltrades Says:

    Wow! How fun? Coffee AND classics 🙂 The Iso Grifo caught my eye. And I’m a sucker for early 60s era Porsches. Such a great time in car history. They don’t make ’em like they used to. Thanks for taking me along for the ride!

  22. chrismears Says:

    I really like your opening picture. Great post.

  23. gaycarboys Says:

    I write a car review blog so I’m interested in cars, old and new. Those Etypes are drop-dead gorgeous and di you say XK140? But then you see a old Porsche and groan and not in a good way. At first glance, I thought the Fulvia was a Jesen Interceptor MK III. You are very very lkcy. I’m so jealous!

  24. giftspersonalizedus Says:

    I have a 1968 Fiat 124 Spider and I am waiting for the cylinder head to get done. This made me very anxious to get mine out. Nice video to see the cars

  25. tomy9894 Says:

    hola muy bueno tu blog

  26. midnitechef Says:

    I see classics… where’s the coffee? 😛

  27. shil Says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful cars. Just thinking about coffee and cars made me think up these one-liners(or not)
    For the love of Coffee and Cars
    Chocolate, Cars, coffee – some things are better rich.
    Coffee and cars are best when they are hot.( lame ?)
    Just trying 🙂 . Good article btw !!

  28. charlywalker Says:

    I Beta you a Lancia and raise you a Fulvia-house!!

    These are stunning!!!

  29. rico Says:

    Beautiful classic cars and we’ll just enjoy it with some tasteful coffee 😀
    Nice post..

  30. test user Says:

    nice cars!

  31. asm17 Says:

    Nice 🙂

  32. vijay Says:

    What a collection? It’s absolely lovely to see all the masterpieces lined up next to each other. Its a shame that we aren’t getting cars like these anymore.

  33. FlashyInteractive Says:

    Those are nice cars. I can’t decide on what classic car is my favorite. I noticed that one or two of them were Porsche.

  34. abhishek Says:

    the vintage cars are just awesome. great post. I admire your passion.

  35. Harvey@cyclelab Says:

    Fuelfed, Thanks for the great pics,looks like a great place for a coffee and l love that red E-TYPE just Beautiful….

  36. Ado Bajic Says:

    I’ve been looking around for blogs like this, congrats on getting freshly pressed. Some beautiful cars on display. I am a huge Alfa fan, and that Fulvia looks, wow 🙂

  37. ugguggus Says:

    wow,nice car,i like them
    can i have one,lol

  38. ιχθύς Says:

    gorgeous photos!!!! Well done! 😀

  39. tsonoda148 Says:

    Loved the cars! Awesome post!

  40. Diane/The Princesston Says:

    Thanks for sharing some great pictures of some great cars. Just what is it about cars that attract us, anyway? The beauty? Style? Mechanics? The sound of a perfect motor roaring, purring, humming? To me all of the above.

  41. Tom Says:

    My 1969 Sting Ray was the 4th car there, so I enjoyed the rare opportunity of watching those beautiful machines in motion.
    I felt like I had been transported back to late 1960’s Europe. And it was a cool place to be.
    Brian, thank you for putting on an awesome cruise and the great poster.
    See you this month.

  42. Michael Scott Says:

    Cars that we could tell apart. My daily driver is an MGBGTS. Wouldn’t have 99% of what’s being made these days.

  43. albeindc Says:

    great pics and beautiful cars! where exactly was this event?
    i’ll be posting up some recent shots from the cars & coffee events here in great falls, va on my page soon!

  44. morgaineotm Says:

    Nice Nice Nice. What a beautiful day!! Thanks for sharing

  45. Barb Says:

    Great blog!

  46. Barb Says:

    You may appreciate some of the old cars I’ve posted on my blog:

  47. The Food and Love Diaries Says:

    Gorgeous photos! Who doesn’t love coffee and some good lookin’ rides

  48. ikazka Says:

    Thanks for sharing!Successful pictures.

  49. Gian Ramos Says:

    Oh I love classic cars! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  50. Fox@n Says:

    great pictures and cars look awesome

  51. luanacynder Says:

    Awesome cars, I love seeing so many in one area, very nice pictures.

  52. IROKClothing Says:

    Great turnout!

  53. Carlos Boffa Says:

    Really classics , btw germans into the most

  54. ryoko861 Says:

    My Dad had a 1950’s Jag, MK140 I believe. Spent more time under it than in from what he told me. Sold it for a Mercury. Imagine what it would be worth today!

    And a Lancia! Would love to see a Lancia up close!

    What a nice little cruise-in! All those European cars, you don’t see many of those at your typical car show! Thank you for sharing! A rare treat!

  55. Scott Says:

    I love ’em all–but my favorite, by far, is the 1929 Model A Ford!

  56. real analytics Says:

    Very classy…very awesome…very cool

  57. mkeeffer Says:

    Love your pics – am in Berkeley and yesterday saw my first new Fiat 500…must be one of the first ones. Know it’s not classic, but love it anyway! Great blog!

  58. jewel Says:

    WOW really classic collection

  59. sheokhanda Says:

    love those cars…

  60. aira isane Says:

    I don’t understand much about cars, but I’ve always been fascinated with the classics. I enjoyed the pictures and seeing something that was part of the past during present times. I don’t see much of that where I live.

  61. Jeanette Cheezum Says:

    Nice article artical and picture essay.

  62. bsbeital Says:

    oh wow i love cars and specially American cars because they make me comfortable when i ride one of them.

  63. thebingtz Says:

    great cars!! i love them! 🙂 thanks!

  64. geomania Says:

    good …

  65. mcsnitches Says:

    Cool cars 🙂

  66. ezinearticlescomjmmarketing1 Says:

    The cars are all beautiful and I hope not to miss next years exhibit. Thanks for the well place video. It’s been a pleasure to catch your post “Freshly Fuelfed”!

  67. Michael Mafia Says:

    Not to shabby!

  68. live shop travel Says:

    Awesome blog! It looks a bit rainy though, Sydney is like that all weekend!
    Those cars are amazing!

    I am hoping to write about cars a bit more on my blog.

    at the moment there is a post on coffee and VW and social marketing that might be interesting 🙂

  69. confessionsofalymie Says:

    Love the cars!

  70. fourexhaustsornone Says:

    I’m totally digging the 356 speedster. Nothing makes me happier than to see folks who own cars like that and actually drive them out!

    Have a look on my blog for car related stuff! I have a lot of the newer cars on there.

  71. Király Péter Says:


  72. mffanrodders Says:

    Ah, they certainly don’t make them like they used to.

    Great post.

  73. hcmason Says:

    Great blog! I have to tell my Dad aobout this, we both love classic cars. He goes to shows every weekend where he lives

  74. Jim Olson Dayton Says:

    Great pictures! There is nothing like a classic car show to bring back old memories! My absolute favorite thing to do is listen to the stories behind all the old cars, where they came from , who the previous owners were, etc. It never ceases to amaze me what incredible history there is to some of these old cars.

    Jim Olson Dayton

  75. longhauler2170 Says:

    your site is great i love the cars and the coffee was good too lol.

  76. Joanna Says:

    My dad loves classic cars. I do too. There was even a mini car show with employee’s cars and most of them were classic ones.

  77. Tenerife Says:

    Thanks for the amazing pictures of these classic cars! 🙂

  78. Jessica M Says:

    These cars are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I consider sort of an up and coming gear head and there is simply nothing better than a refurbished, shinny classic car. My father in law is the one that got me into these cars and he has an old school Porsche, similar to the one in the last pic, second to last row, in the middle. I have driven it once. All I have to say is SWEET!


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