Scruffy Ferrari



So I’m driving to Glenview early Wednesday morning, and I see this unique shape idling at the light ahead. It’s smoking and dirty, but something very special. As I pull closer, the light changes and I hear the symphony of 12 cylinders climbing in somewhat unison. Plumes of blue smoke stream from the quad tips. Yes it could only be an Italian super car. The Ferrari led the way for several miles and I couldn’t get enough of it’s mechanical music. The driver looked as scruffy as the car, but I was thankful to witness another Fuelfed kindred brother driving his classic as Enzo intended.

Not sure what model it was or if those odd tail lights were original, but it made my morning regardless.

Edit 6.9.11: Fuelfed driver Alan A. believes it’s a 1968 365GT 2+2.





2 Responses to “Scruffy Ferrari”

  1. Daniel Says:

    No, not a great beauty at the back

  2. lifereconnected Says:

    Found your blog on freshly pressed (obviously and congrats) and I’m more usually obsessing about vintage boats at the moment but I just had to say that yesterday in Belfast (Northern Ireland) a brand new Ferrari drove past me and it literally took my breath away (very few of these in NI). It was absolutely gorgeous from the silver horse on the back to the golden badges on the wheel trims and it moved across the lanes like it was gliding- see I know little about cars but just like you say here the sight of this just made my morning! Hope this isn’t sacrilegious to vintage car guys!!

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