Paul Newman’s VW Cabrio for Sale!



Supposedly the story goes that in the late 60’s, Paul Newman was PO’d that Robert Redford kept blowing him away with his Porsche, so Newman secretly took his ’63 Beetle and did some radical mods…like a Ford 351 V8 mid-mounted  behind the front seats and mated with a 5 speed ZF gearbox. Apparently Newman then proceeded to have lots of fun stomping Redford and other unsuspecting racers with his stealth bug. The original work looks to be first rate, and the recent resto looks sweet as well. But even with the provenance, $250K seems a bit steep for what I’m sure is an absolute gasser of a drive.



Read all about in the current New York Times “Wheels” section.



One Response to “Paul Newman’s VW Cabrio for Sale!”

  1. celtik56 Says:

    Crazy car!!

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