La Kreme de la Dyno



We had to borrow this great score from our Fuelfed brothers at the Porsche R-Gruppe. If you follow the Fuelfed blog, you’ll know that we cherish vintage American tools as much as vintage German cars. But what if one procured…. wait for it… vintage German tools used on vintage German cars?

How the R-Gruppe boys scored the Kremer Brothers Tuning dynometer from the Porsche factory is beyond us. But you have respect any tool used to develop the 911 Turbo back in the 1970s.

It gets better. The Kremer Dyno is now in Saginaw, MI being used to tune…wait for it…vintage 911s!

That sure beats a Wilton bullet vise.





2 Responses to “La Kreme de la Dyno”

  1. Robert Groß Says:

    Hello. We just noticed this posting. The original Schenck engine test equipement is actually in Toronto Canada,, Not in Michigan.
    Kind Regards, Robert

  2. The Driver Says:

    Thanks for the correction Robert. Love the unmistakable 911 engine sound track.

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