The Legendary Ted Strobl



My good friend Ted Strobl in 1968 and 2008. The man that started my obsession for absolute tuning perfection. This is the man, that in 1992, ignited what was to become Fuelfed.

Get use to this face, as you will be seeing a well-deserved feature series on this legendary BMW master.



3 Responses to “The Legendary Ted Strobl”

  1. John McNabola Says:

    Ted’s energy and enthusiasm for everything BMW is unsurpassed. For over 20 years, I have known him to be a loyal friend to many and a true enthusiast for motorcycle design, racing and maintenance. Thank you Ted for being teacher, mentor, promoter and spokesperson to encourage myself and others to enjoy the pleasures of safe and responsible motorcycle riding!

  2. John Landstrom Says:

    I met Ted in 1975, unknown to me I was making a life style conversion that would determine my path for the next 40 years.
    I was a die hard Harley rider and chopper jockey but I fell in love with the BMW R90S the first time I saw it. A new R90S was a little beyond my means, $3695 made it the most expensive motorcycle on the market but I had to have one. July of 1975 I placed an ad in the Chicago Tribune “Wanted BMW R90S”. The next thing I know I got a call from a man with a heavy German accent. “So way do you think you want an R90S?”. It was Ted and he was calling to see if I was worthy. A simple phone interview would not be adequate so I was invited to meet Ted at his garage the following Saturday. His two car garage was a shrine to all things BMW. Not a showplace but a real workshop with BMW parts and hand made tools crammed into every nook. Every piece organized with Teutonic accuracy. His garbage cans were painted the colors of the German flag. I immediately noticed a little sign on the wall, “Speaking of the war is verboten” signed The Fuehrer! I wasn’t sure if this was meant in humor or to be taken seriously so I didn’t go there that day.
    Ted and I hit it off, we talked for hours about BMW motorcycles and polished off quite a few beers. After our initial meeting Ted decided I was worthy of owning a BMW motorcycle despite my long hair and scraggy appearance.He gave me the number of a man who might have one for sale. I ended up purchasing that 1974 R90S with 6000 miles on the clock and a new set set of Koni shocks and Dunlap tires. Ted became a good friend and mentor to me. Thanks to the enthusiasm for the brand Ted shared with me, I started my career, first as a BMW mechanic and later as the owner of a BMW dealership, Blue Moon Cycle.
    Thur the years I would see Ted at most of the Midwest BMW rally’s. He was always on his sunset orange R90S with Heinrich tank and Haberman fairing. He is the only guy I knew that sprung for two vanity license plates on a single vehicle so he could spell out his entire name “TED STROBL”
    For the past 25 years I have been living in Norcross Georgia but every time I get back to Chicago I cruise by Ted’s garage, he’s usually out there tinkering on a BMW.

  3. Geoffrey Jones Says:

    A friend introduced me to Ted in 1982. I rode a R90/6 at the time. Ted showed me how to adjust the valves and perform basic maintenance. One of my favorite things was watching him remove tires from rims when his bare hands (no irons). Ted and I also rode to a few rallies together.

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