Fuelfed Diesel Brother


Ahh… the vintage Mercedes Benz diesel. Growing up on the North Shore, in the 1970’s & 80’s, they were everywhere. I especially liked the wagons, seductive when specced in dark blue with palomino leather. These were the soccer mom’s ride of choice, before the Range Rover County arrived in 1987.

Now most Fuelfed drivers drive gasoline vehicles for their performance, but diesels have come a long way since your daddies Mercedes W115. Torquey, easy start, no smell, most importantly, no rattling. Technology has improved the breed.

Or has it? These boys on the left coast don’t believe so. Probably born after the last W123 rolled off the Stuttgart line in 1985, they’ve embraced the imperial charm and vault like build quality that only Mercedes Benz could offer back in their hay day. Opening a shop dedicated to vintage Mercedes diesels, when most hipsters are more interested in reading Kerouac on their iPhones, than working with their hands, is quite refreshing.

Why are all the cool shops on the wrong coast?



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