Dragging at Midway



Back in the early 1950’s when America was at the other end of the stick, jobs were plentiful & money was good. A young man could get himself a 20 year old coupe and build it for speed. Closed circuit tracks weren’t built yet, so what were the Fuelfed forefathers to do? That’s right, a bottle of whiskey, some high-test fuel and empty service roads and you had yourself some good old American fun.

We found this vintage shot of a chopped Ford & Chevy dragging near Cicero & Archer in Chicago’s dark Irish neighborhood.

Is that a prototype timing trigger in the dirt? US Army surplus fabrication no doubt. My grandfather would be proud.



One Response to “Dragging at Midway”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    simpler times………..simpler machines………. & black and white images of speed………cool!
    Back to the future? The resurgence of street and rat rods?

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