From Driving the Fantasy, to Living it



Last month’s “Driving the Fantasy” post was quite popular and was picked up by Fresh Pressed and thus generated over 15,000 hits that day from all over the world. Very cool!

Well it gets cooler. The Rothmans tribute 911 rally car is on eBay currently with bids over $68,000 with 4 days left in the auction.



Porsche owner Cam, used his North Shore savvy to have the car photographed at the famous Ferris Bueller movie garage scene. As you may remember, Ferris’s friend was also named Cameron (Frye), and it was his father’s 250GT Spyder California that went through the glass wall and down into the ravine. Only difference is that this Porsche could probably drive itself right back out.

This is how you market a car.




3 Responses to “From Driving the Fantasy, to Living it”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    I had the pleasure and honor of a guided tour of the house and glass garage by Ben and Fran Rose in the mid ’90’s. A Bugatti 35B, Alfa Romeo 2900B ex.Count Rossi, BMW 328, Cisitalia Coupe, and a white MG TC, all were housed in the elegant museum like space. A large Beta tool chest- trolley was also present. A Fuelfed Wet Dream, if there ever was one.
    Took no photos that day……………something that might just be one my life’s greatest regrets……………… But the memory remains still.

  2. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Almost forgot…………………..
    Ben also had a rare HRG, which was being serviced at the time, hence was not present. Wish I had kept better track of that one………………

  3. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Correction on the Alfa Romeo…………. it was a 6C 1750 ex Campari car
    the 2900B was seen on a visit to the Schlump Collection

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