Porsche Brand Sell Out!


We all know Fuelfed drivers love their Porsches, especially air-cooled 911s. When I saw the newest Porsche NA commercial (wait ’til the end of the video), I had flashbacks to my childhood.

You see, I had a third grade teacher named Ms. Morton and she drove a white 1968 912 with a sportomatic trans. I told my father that my teacher had a Porsche like his. He was appalled! First it was an automatic, and second, Porsches were a man’s car, requiring skill and bravery to drive with any verve. I have carried this theory with me for the past 38 years and still agree with it today.

I have owned three 911’s: a 1973 911S, a 1986 Carrera, and a 1990 C2. All have seen track work as they should. My wife has always been intimidated to drive them, feeling they were too heavy handed to be comfortable to drive anywhere but on the highway.

Last summer I had the opportunity to flog a heavily modified 996 twin turbo around the full course at Autobahn in Joliet for hours. Blastering fast and super easy to drive at the limit. So easy, that I felt I was in a video game and could do anything. On the back straight I was able to get full air forcing me to modulate the brakes as the car squirmed to set up for the quickly approaching sharp right ahead. What a blast!

But yet I felt somewhat empty. The car did everything perfectly, so why the emptiness? The car didn’t communicate like the air-cooleds. It didn’t let you feel in command and corrected itself for every little off-input. In other words: too damn easy to drive! It allows less-skilled drivers believe they have driving talent they really don’t. The Fuelfed spirit believes one has to EARN (read: seat time) the skill to drive a 911 well. Not just buy your way to faster lap times. No offense to Frank D., the owner of the above 996 TT. He proudly earned his Fuelfed membership with years of seat time.

Back to the above commercial. Yes the newest 911 is easy drive and your wife could drive the kids to school with it. But to project that a (school bus) yellow twin turbo 911 is the perfect road appliance, is to say that a Camry is the perfect track tool.

Porsche brand management: YOU FAIL!



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