2011 Coffee & Classics




We’ve been getting a lot of hits on the Coffee & Classics page lately, so Spring must be in the air. Last years’ events were such a pleasure with the incredible array of beautiful European classics and their gracious owners that we’re hoping this years’ events will only get better as the word spreads.

As most know, the Fuelfed origins are rooted in the Northshore. So it’s only fitting that our elite fraternity host Coffee & Classics in east downtown Winnetka. Not since the mysterious demise of the Highland House has there been a venue for classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts to mingle with other like-minded drivers east of 41.

This not an organized car show, rather a casual Sunday morning gathering to keep the old gears oiled. This event is not about how much money you paid for the newest Italian super-car, but rather about driving your classic as it was meant to be driven. From Aston to Zagato, or Alfa to VW, it doesn’t matter, just drive it.

We’ll be meeting on the 550 block of Lincoln (see map here) just north of Elm in east downtown Winnetka (east of Greenbay Rd.).

The dates are Sundays: April 17, May 29, June 26, July 31, Aug. 28, Sept. 25, Oct. 30
9:00am to 11:00am.

Delicious Meinl’s coffee and pastries will be available for purchase at Café Aroma. Be sure to mention Fuelfed at the counter.

Please respect the neighborhood with NO hot-rodding or open exhausts.

We want to thank Catalyst Communications for designing another great poster. This Triumph poster being the first in a series of four that will be released through out the season.



One Response to “2011 Coffee & Classics”

  1. Howard Yefsky Says:

    Hope to meet the group on a few of the Sunday events.

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