Will Jaguar Bring Sexy Back?


The Jaguar E-Type turns 50 this year, and we continue to pine for its classic lines to this day. Bo Zolland, a car designer from Sweden, is clearly also a fan of the iconic E-Type shape. Unlike most of us, though, he has the tools and skill to generate a vision of what the E-Type might look like were it to come back to life in the 21st century.

Zolland calls his rendered Jaguar homage the Growler E 2011 Concept, and it clearly takes design cues from the original version. We also see some Maserati and Chevrolet Corvette, though you could just as easily say those cars learned their lines from the E-Type.

Fittingly, the Growler would be built atop the guts of a Jaguar XKR, which would also donate its 5.0-liter V8 engine (tuned to produce 600 horsepower).

With VW and BMW starting to look like Japanese designs, it’s refreshing to see some sensuality making it’s way back.

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One Response to “Will Jaguar Bring Sexy Back?”

  1. mffanrodders Says:

    WOW, i always thought that the passion people had for the E type was more to do with nostalgia than the way the car looked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful car, but the most beautiful?

    This however is stunning and hope hope that Jaguar goes ahead with this as it really looks the part. Congratulations to their design team. 🙂

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