FFotW: Lotus Type 51



As many Fuelfed drivers know, I’ve spent some time going to car auctions around Chicagoland. Not many cars slip by without me knowing about them. In all my adventures I’ve never found a car quite like this. Bart T. sent Fuelfed an email alerting us this was on eBay. I instantly recongized the familiar building in the pictures. So I quickly went to the Waukegan Auto Auction site, and there it was: a 1967 Lotus Type 51. I had visions from my childhood of Jim Clark in his googles with grease sprayed face and my Matchbox version of the same car.



Lotus built the Type 51 during the 1967-1968 seasons. These cars had multi-tubular space-frame chassis which was suspended in place by double wishbones and coil spring/damper units in the front and lower wishbones, upper links, twin radius rods, and coil spring/damper units in the rear. The Type 51 Series did very well in Formula competition. This is Formula Ford and not Formula 1 in which Jim Clark found his glory.

This 1967 Lotus Model 51 open wheel race car has been restored & campaigned at vintage events at Road America, Watkins Glen & Laguna Seca. It has a few cracks in the paint and there is a small crack in the windshield by the passenger mirror as well.

SCCA Formula Ford World champ Tim Kautz should pick this up and go dominate VSCDA.

Click here to follow it on eBay.




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