Ken Block’s Daddy


In this era of DSP, ASR & WTF, it’s hard to remember a time when all cars were free of electronic safety nets that saved unskilled drivers from themselves. Let’s now go back to a time when most Fuelfed drivers were just a twinkle in their daddy’s pants. When fun meant, solid live axles, bias ply tires & drum brakes. Throw a little snow in the mix, and then you were having real fun!



2 Responses to “Ken Block’s Daddy”

  1. Jean Says:

    Amen! With three speed manual on the floor. And then “three on the tree.” Now that was livin’ large.

    And remember skid chains and studded snow tires?

  2. Ted Mishima Says:

    Chains and studded snow tires are still alive and well here in Portland, Oregon… And an inch or 2 of snow here still shuts the city down…

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