The Final Drive 2010 Recap



We received a letter from Jean, who’s a novice to the Fuelfed scene and she wanted to give her view point on the day (Jean may be new, but she can drive). So we thought let her tell it as she drove it.

Well, I’m the new kid on the block, having just met these fine folks from the north shore. They have a great assortment of classic cars, and most importantly they really, really drive them!



We met at the Family Restaurant, 8:00 am at I-55 and Bolingbrook Road for breakfast and some car talk. Great breakfast, by the way, too.

My heart was racing. Let’s drive.

After admiring the caravan of beautiful cars (our leader in a beautiful old VW GTI, 944 turbo, 1975 2002 hot rod, a super clean Audi 5000, Audi S4, and four Bimmers) we were off onto the expressway for just a short while till we exited for the backroads.  Whoever found these backroads – kudos to you – (thanks;) they were great!  Lots of twisties and long straight rural roads where we could press the throttle and enjoy the great cornering that these cars are made for. We even experienced elevation changes, blind curves and old folks on their way to church. They appeared dumb-founded at what they were witnessing coming around the corner. Not one or two, but nine cars going wild. And I guarantee you the drivers of those cars were wearing huge grins.

I had a friend riding with me, he is not a track driver but he once did some track touring at Autobahn. We were at 120 mph on a long straight tickling 125, I asked him if we should go for 130 and he said, “I already have white knuckles” so I thought – back it off or we’ll have a heart attack on our hands. Still not sure he’ll go for a Sunday drive with me again.



Actually I lost track of time, I’m not sure what time we reached Starved Rock. Got there and stretched our legs a little, enjoyed some hot European something-or-other that one of our drivers passed around in a tin cup. Great stuff, really hit the spot. Sort of like a cult-thing, I guess.



Then we went for a little rest-and-relaxation, let the blood pressure get back to normal, and shared some stories about car handling and our experience of this fine ride.

We left Starved Rock (still didn’t notice what time), we drove back to get my friends car at the Family Restaurant. I got home at 3:00, early enough to not have problems with the husband.

It was the best!  A great day weather-wise, chilly and bright and the tail end of the fall colors. The Final Drive sure was a great way to finish off 2010. How do you top that?



Now I can put on my winter tires and put the winter mats in the car and feel that it is time to move on. This will have to hold me over till springtime.

This past Sunday morning I woke up and thought about the ride to Starved Rock. I had no great plans other than have breakfast with a friend. She would never understand the adrenaline rush, the exhilaration of slow in – fast out, of blind corners or pressing on the throttle and really letting the car fly!

We can look forward to 2011 and the start of a whole new season of driving and whatever surprises that will bring.

Thank you all for allowing us newcomers to join you.

Sincerely, Jean T.

Thanks Jean!



One Response to “The Final Drive 2010 Recap”

  1. Shahin Says:

    Great recap Jean. It was a pleasure meeting you.
    See you at the track next year !

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