Has VW lost their way?


Photo by Brenda Priddy & Company from nytimes.com

Here is a spy shot of Volkswagen’s latest iteration of what was once a fun, retro throwback car. When first introduced, it was a whimsical, if poorly built, interpretation of one of the best selling, most revered cars on the planet. Now it looks like at best a Volvo PV544, and at worst a 1946 Plymouth. Read more about this unfortunate metamorphosis on the New York Times “Wheels” blog, and wonder aloud what will happen to the Porsche brand if this kind of design continues to make its way to the marketplace.



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One Response to “Has VW lost their way?”

  1. bnamember Says:

    I agree with Volvo PV544 twin. But the fenders look like they’re from a 2007 Beetle.

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