The Fuelfed Spirit on Sale in North Center!



If the Fuelfed spirit had a store, this is what it would be like. All the cool things that we harbour in our garages, closets and basement man-caves. Yes it’s as if Steve McQueen, Hunter S. Thompson & Ralph Lauren had a garage sale!

A new men’s shop has opened on Lincoln just north of Grace. The Isle of Man takes its styling from vintage motorsports. The store is packed with high-end vintage clothing, furnishings and accessories. Cool things that every Fuelfed driver owns, but wants more of. Things like vintage leathers, helmets, tools, transportation signage, spark plug cuff links etc…. They also add high-end grooming products like badger hair shaving brushes, straight razors and soaps.


Leather Motorcycle

Every Fuelfed driver should stop in, have a Maker’s Manhattan, fire up the burlwood pipe packed with cavandish and thumb through some vintage Playboys.



One Response to “The Fuelfed Spirit on Sale in North Center!”

  1. straight razors Says:

    i never knew there was a whole underground of straight razor enthusiasts. cheers!

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