Sip & Shore 10.2


Fuefed Sip & Shore 10.2


Traditionally, some of the Fuelfed crew do the Sip & Shore tour up to Traverse City, MI in mid May. This year we had a big demand for a fall tour as well, hence S&S10.2. (Thanks Catalyst Communications for the theme magnets) Some Fuelfed drivers and their significant others made their way north in a caravan of BMWs for some winery tours and to catch some fall colors. Most wineries are on two stunning peninsulas jutting out into Lake Michigan strung together by rolling twisty tarmac.


The fun starts once we hit Union Pier, MI for brunch at Blue Plate. Locally grown fruit dominates the menu. Keep the wives away from the half pound cookies! Once up north, Chicago seems worlds away.


Days start with old school diner breakfasts and coffee to set a good base. Then it’s off to Old Mission Peninsula. Sampling cabernet all day tends to add lubricancy for sassy talking and faster driving (of course always with in the posted speed limits…ok maybe Germany).


Happy days culminate with a nice meal and cocktails. Northern MI really supports locally grown produce and meats. Some of the freshest meals that could shame some of the over-rated Chicago hot spots.


No trip up north is complete without hitting M22 & M109 along the west coast from Leelanau down to Frankfort. The obligatory picturesque farm stop for pies and pumpkins to keep the wives happy and adds valuable weight to the trunk to keep the back-end planted in the sweeping right-handers. Vermont has nothing on this midwest treasure.


Spectacular Sleeping Bear Dunes is a must see. Michigan’s own Cliffs of Dover.


One of our way meanderings found us caught behind a conga line of Model T’s.


One Fuelfed driver was hell bent for Don’s Drive-In and their famous cherry milkshake. This after a Mabel’s Diner belt buster breakfast!

The long drive back to Chicago is a mellowing adventure in itself with plenty of small harbor towns for pit stops and Kilwin’s fudge.


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