FFFW: 1982 911SC $10500


1982 Porsche 911 SC. Exterior is an 8 out of 10. Two small rock chips on hood, but only damaged the clear. Comes with Bra. I bought this in 2003 and I am the 3rd owner. Brand new tires and very nice replica 996 rims. The only thing I have ever really had to do to this car was replace the alternator in 05. I have put no more than 6 thousand miles on it in 7 years. Never has seen rain or snow. Stored in winter. Leaks a little bit of oil in two spots, but most of these cars this age do.

The interior is ok. I had the passenger seat reupholstered a few years back. Drivers seat isn’t bad at all. The back dash where the speakers are mounted is cracking. This is right over the speakers. The headliner is fine. The sunroof works, you just have to help it a little when closing. The compartment on the drivers side door has broken off. I never replaced it. This car is a real looker and drives strong. Email me with any questions. I am not a mechanic, so my knowledge is limited. As far as I know, the paint is original. If it’s not, someone went to great lengths to make it appear original. I have service records from 110,000 miles to 134,000. These records were kept from 1999 until 2001. Very detailed. I do have sales receipts for work done from the early 90’s until 03. Couple more notes: The lever that moves the back part of the drivers seat forward is broken off. I never had any reason to put anything in the backseat, so I never bothered with it. The seat slider works fine, its just the back rest that you have to mcgyver, to bend it forward if you wish to put anything in the backseat. Mileage is 161 and change. VIN is wp0aa0911cs121447. I have more pictures I can email if you request.

$10500 OBO, located in Peoria, IL.



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