Is Alfa Romeo Really Coming Back?


fuelfed 2014 Alfa Spider

Many of our Fuelfed drivers believe that you haven’t owned a real sports car until you own an Alfa Romeo. With all it’s build quality and reliability pitfalls, the Italian designs still seethe passion and style as only an Alfa can.

Supposedly Fiat is a few months away from awarding 200 Fiat-branded retail outlets to select Chrysler dealers. The first vehicle those new stores will sell will be the Fiat 500, and there won’t be any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep-branded models in sight. But that doesn’t mean Fiat will have those dealerships to themselves for very long.

According to Automotive News, company CEO Sergio Marchionne announced at an event in Toledo, Ohio that those Fiat stores will also sell Alfa Romeo vehicles by late 2012. Marchionne has already announced that the first Alfa to hit North American shores will be the Giulia sedan and wagon, followed at some point by a midsize SUV, a subcompact, a hatchback and even a roadster. That’s a lot of Alfa, and the Italian automaker will need all of those models to be at least moderately successful if it has any shot at reaching its lofty goal of 500,000 Alfa Romeo sales by 2014.


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