Take Me Back to 1983



We love this big brother Scirocco. Having owned three, we can say we’d like four. Light, nimble and square, these little coupes had so much personality with their bullet proof 5 banger mated to a smooth 5 speed.

But let’s face it, unless they’re an ur quattro, pristine Audis from the B2 generation have simply disappeared. Short of the ur with its then exotic pricing north of the Porsche 911, the squarish B2s were bought and driven… well, not all of them. We’ve just found perhaps the nicest example of an early small bumper Coupe GT we’ve ever seen.

This 1983 GT is located in Wall, NJ and features a hair over 7,000 miles on the clock. Kept in a temperature controlled garage (next to a Ford GT from the looks of it) this car is not surprisingly is in showroom condition. Even better, the car is highly optioned with leather interior and more desirable silver metallic exterior.

The car appears to be under a reserve with bidding at 7,600 and still not over the seller’s low number. While $7,600 may be beyond nosebleed for your average Coupe GT, there’s simply no market on which to measure the value of this. To the right buyer this is a find and a half and we figure we can help the owner find the right buyer. Emails from our offices have already been sent to Audi Tradition in Germany and to Audi of America as well. We’re sure hoping we can find this car a good home where it will be both appreciated and preserved.



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