Highland Park Auto Historica Recap


fuelfed patron

The Auto Historica show in Highland Park was fantastic. Just a great venue and very friendly car owners willing to share their passion. Lorraine got talked into squeezing into a 1 of 20 1965 Cheetah in 98º sorching sun! I of course liked Vodoo Larry’s slammed green custom Ford. We ran into an old friend who shared that her brother had moved into the custom scene out in Cali. Check out his blog for some pretty cool metal.

fuelfed-MGfuelfed Rolls

fueled bansheefuelfed abarth

fuelfed velocity stackfuelfed D type

fuelfed cheetah 2fuelfed lorraine sqeeze

fuelfed Larry Grobe Vodoofueelfed Larry Grobe 2

fuelfed Larry Grobe 3fuelfed larry grobe 4

fuelfed vodoo larry interiorfuelfed ferrari

fueled rolls roycefuelfed bmw 2002

fuelfed porsche 356 reflection

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