The R-Gruppe


The R-Gruppe is America’s elite group of pre-1973 911 enthusiasts whose raison d’etre is to honor the intent of Butzi’s pure masterstroke. The R-Gruppe builds early 911 hotrods as they should be. Clean, simple, strong and with one purpose: to be driven at 10/10th’s! Now these guys are true brothers of the pure Fuelfed spirit.


We had the pleasure of meeting some of these petrol-heads at the Coffee & Cars at 2Shores back in June. They didn’t just take a little day trip, but a 1400 mile tour around the Great Lakes in 40 year old air-cooled bullets. All for a cup of joe and a morning of kicking tires. We weren’t able to chat as much as we would have liked, due to our date with Road America calling.




Speaking of RA, the R-Gruppe will be hosting a little party across from Seibkens on Saturday, July 17 during the concours. They extended an invite to Fuelfed drivers to help drain their keg of barley soda. We’re there!

As brothers from different mothers, you’ll want to check out the R-Gruppe’s blog as well. Thanks for the shout-out on July 9th.


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