A Friend of a Friend Who has a Collection


A good friend of mine Chad D. who shares the Fuelfed spirit in all things mechanical, grow up in SW Michigan with a neighbor that had a bigger secret than anyone realized. Chad knew him as Mr. Mittler of Mittler Industrial Supplies. Mittler had some nice antique Chris Crafts that Chad was aware of growing up. Chad also knew Mittler raced vintage cars and expressed that I should meet him some day and bench race over cocktails. As my interest in vintage racing and tuning grew, I got more emmersed in the culture and surrounded myself with like-minded drivers.

Years passed and I still hadn’t had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Mittler. Chad kept trying to get me to visit Three Rivers to meet Mittler and possibly see his passionate collection.

Last Sunday, Tom Mittler passed and as I learned, left quite the legacy. Chad sent me a link to Mittler’s car collection and mentioned that his vintage boat collection is even grander.

Tonight, I’ll have a cocktail in my shop to honor a kindred spirit I never meet, but felt I knew.

See the Mittler Car Collection Here




2 Responses to “A Friend of a Friend Who has a Collection”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Just read the piece on Tom Mittler…………..R.I.P.
    Used to see him over the years at the Road America Vintage weekends.
    Never forget the red Jag XKSS………. probably the prettiest yet savage car I have ever viewed. Nuff Sed

  2. Alex Pancheri Says:

    I was casually acquainted with Tom through my local SCCA region. He was a very nice man who had an insane passion for sports cars ( among many other things). What really made Tom different from other super wealthy collectors was that he drove them as much as possible, and never acted like he was better than anyone else. He has been, and will continue to be missed.

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