Fuelfed Driver Focus: Jerry W.


Sometime ago we asked our driver’s to submit a picture of their first car and a brief story. Jerry W. was quick to respond and we felt it only appropriate he be our first Driver Focus.

“Although I’m a new member of  the Fuelfed group, I enjoy all the correspondence and couldn’t resist what might the earliest “first car”. It’s a 1940 Plymouth and I bought it in 1953 from earnings as a part time mechanic and high school sophomore in the western burbs of Chicago. I promptly smashed in the front end when I was looking at girls and plowed into the back of another car at a red light.”

Jerry W

Nice Jerry. At least you weren’t texting.

We met Jerry on The Final Drive back in November of 2009. Jerry saw the crew fly by near Starved Rock and had to see where these lead foots were going. He caught up to us in his beautiful white 1965 911 at the Lodge parking lot and was brave enough to join us for a cocktail at 11:00am.

We truly enjoy meeting other enthusiasts on our adventures specially when it leads to bench racing and drinks. Welcome Jerry.

We encourage drivers to submit their stories and images. In return we’ll send you a Fuelfed magnet for your rear valance or tool box.
Jerry please contact us by leaving a comment below for your Fuelfed magnet.


One Response to “Fuelfed Driver Focus: Jerry W.”

  1. Jerry Weiland Says:

    Many thanks for the honor of being on your pages. How about that cool dude with the pack of cigarettes wrapped up in the sleeve of his tee shirt?
    Don’t you just love painted whitewalls on that Plymouth and the rolled up Levi’s on that skinny kid? The car was taller than me!

    I had a ’56 Porsche 356 Coupe in ’62 and loved the car but family needs outgrew it and I sold it. I never forgot the car though and 36 years later I finally got another Porsche. It had received some “S” body modifications over the years but I’ve finally gotten it back to stock. A fun car.

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