Left to Die on the Other Side of the Tracks


This just fascinates me how a one off $500,000 Rolls Royce could end up abandoned on the other side of the tracks. Those passing thru Russian suburbs by train have the rare chance of spotting it.

The car – a Rolls Royce Phantom with the exclusive Centurion body kit – was custom built for a Las Vegas celebrity and then sold to a Russian contractor a few years ago.

Bet the previous owner skipped town when his fly-by-night real estate development business went belly up after the housing bust. Now he has no credit.

Hell, I’d take it and make another track car out it rather than let it rot.

Back in 2004 it looked like this.

One Response to “Left to Die on the Other Side of the Tracks”

  1. Mr. B. Says:

    This is how one should learn how to park.

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