A Perfect Day to Buy a Turbo


Well Monday was such a perfect day to buy a car, Shahin and I decided to head to a South Haven, MI farm to pick up his new track rat. Yes Shahin has entered the world of Porsche. He will soon find the pleasure and pain ($$$) in ownership. The new baby is a 1987 944 Turbo, one owner in maroon with tan. It makes full boost and will give the S8 a run for it’s money (ask me how we know). In true Porsche style, the 944 turbo made it back to Chicago w/o a hitch averaging 27mpg.

After the obligatory oil pan mod, tune up, brakes, tires and suspension upgrade it’ll be ready for track Shahinanigans.

What journey to SH is w/o a visit to Gingerman? Yes the 1998 Fuelfed logo stickers are still proudly displayed after all these years. A 1968 Elan kept calling me.

One Response to “A Perfect Day to Buy a Turbo”

  1. Frank Dorn Says:

    Congrats bro….it looks like it has good bones.!!!

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