Caswell is at it Again


This weekend in Ocean Shores, Wash., there will be plenty of engine revving and spinning wheels. It’s not Nascar, or Formula One. It’s the Olympus Rally: drivers in souped-up street cars race on closed public roads, over all kinds of terrain, in all kinds of weather. The stuff the now famous Bill Caswell loves.

Caswell is making a name for himself as a rally racer. Less than a year ago, Bill wore a suit and tie to work as a banker. He was laid off last May, and now Bill’s living his dream. He recently entered the WRC Corona Rally in Mexico. He raced with a 1991 BMW 318i that he found on Craigslist…and against all odds, he placed.

In the week since his story broke, Caswell’s life has exploded. Over 500,000 people have read his tale — it was the most-viewed post in the 25-million-viewer Gawker site network for days — and the media world has beat a path to his door. Offers to Paypal donations — above all, everyone wants Caswell back behind the wheel — have come in from around the globe.



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